JJ laughed. After almost dying Emily tries to gather herself and finally confess her feelings for the one and only Jennifer Jareau but it … JJ felt like she didn’t stop rolling her eyes for … Emily took JJ’s hand “I’m sorry we fought” "What a gentle ma- lady." But what they uncover as the case unfolds leads them both down a dark path of worry, fear, and anxiety as they try to protect Henry and Michael from the harsh … “Well it did and if I’m not telling Garcia then I’m not telling you.” Emily retorted and JJ held up a hand. Emily and JJ walked into Henry’s room and Emily felt JJ start to cry. “Honey he’s alive. JJ moved quietly around the kitchen and came back with glasses of water. "Ouch." Emily was shot on a case and JJ starts to blame herself for what happened. Follow. JJ said as Emily rolled her eyes and sat on the edge of the bed. Emily Prentiss Is A Lesbian. JJ seemed to straighten at the use of her full name but Emily noticed the tremors in her hands had ceased as she nodded. The jet landed in the government airport as planned. She sighed, hating working alone in her office while the rest of the team followed up on a lead a few hours away. I don’t need the details.” JJ insisted as she reached in the drawer for the hairdryer the hotel had provided. emily and jj spend a night aboard one of the world's most haunted ships: the rms queen mary (inspired by @gravelyhumerus oneshot "you ever see a ufo in these parts" <-- read that shit it's v god tier) “I’m sure he’s fine baby” Emily said stroking JJ’s hair. “JJ LIKES A BOOO-OOO-OY” Emily bellowed obnoxiously, devolving into nothing but giggles as she fell off her chair and onto Garcia’s hardwood floor. 31 notes. JJ's phone began to ring, and JJ looked down at the screen. The two women just talked and joked around for the remaining 2 hours, Emily finally convincing the blonde to eat a cup O noodles. #jj-x-emily. Emily helped JJ get her bags out of the Jet, before grabbing her own. Thankfully for Emily’s pride, JJ left her alone to undress and shower herself. There are some bumps and stuff does happen, and this is my first fanfic... jemily; spencer; hotch ... jj and emily have always been best friends but what happenes when JJ's life takes an unexpected turn and Emily comes along for the ride. He’s okay” JJ looked down at the sleeping boy and ran her hand through his blonde hair. Chapter 4 is my new story The UnSub is kidnapping cheerleaders and holding them for two months whilst they are tortured and then killed. 300 (Crack!fic / Drabble) Summary: The 300th episode of Criminal Minds finds Emily and JJ in a precarious situation. Not recognizing the number, JJ frowned, but picked it up being used to receiving calls from unknown numbers. JJ sat at her desk working on papers like any Wednesday. Summary: JJ makes a rash decision and calls Emily in a panic. Emily joked, taking her luggage out of the plane. Pinned Post #jemily fanfiction #jj x emily #Jennifer Jareau #emilyprentiss #emily prentiss x jennifer jareau #jemilyfic #jemily. “Please don’t. mercurycft. XXXX. A Series of Unfortunate Events (Drabble Collection) Summary: How each member of the team found out JJ and Emily were dating. The Bureau has no interest in the events until bodies begin to appear, and JJ and Emily press the issue. 28 Emily, Fatigue and multiple lesions At work » by DoctorMS Emily has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis follow her struggles with her new condition and how it affects her in her professional and personal life. This is a Jemily fanfic, when Will cheats on JJ and JJ realizes that she is in love with Emily. I see Hotch as a brother. The first mouthful tasted good but by the 3 rd one, Emily was shivering so JJ helped her upstairs to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Follow. Top jj-x-emily blogs. ssa-emilyprentissisgay.

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