Fleur Budgen is the bed-ridden, overweight wife of Grantly Budgen.She appeared in the very first episode, in a non-speaking uncredited appearance. At the end of the episode Rachel and Eddie watched Stuart drive away. Andrew resigned from Waterloo Road, to become an Education Leader and Headteacher to a school in … After school that day, Adam decides to plan a surprise for Rachel, turning the 6th form common room into a cinema for a romantic date, ending with Rachel and Adam sharing a kiss. As the fire breaks through the school, Rachel goes back inside to check if anyone is still in there. Eddie became Jack Rimmer's deputy head in the first episode of Series Three. Tom was originally a teacher of English, and later became Head of Pastoral Care but then resigned when he had enough ofEarl Kelly. After Max leaves, the pair begin to flirt with each other and Chris admits that he fancies her. Vaughan Fitzgerald remains headteacher after the final series ends. In the short period of time the trip was, some of the pupils managed to cause all sorts of trouble. Rachel was one of the most caring and compassionate teachers at Waterloo Road and a very popular headteacher. Despite numerous attempts from Eddie to dissuade her, she is adamant about leaving. ". Series 6 - Panto! All 9 songs featured in Waterloo Road season 1 episode 1: Episode 1, with scene descriptions. She also learns from Paul Langley that it was Earl's whose gun was found in the school, and that Earl's 11-year-old brother Denzil had taken possession of it under intimidation from Earl in a bid to get away with possessing the gun. Waterloo Road is getting a new headteacher, according to reports. Stuart took Rachel out for dinner during the lunch break in the LEA meeting to pile on the pressure regarding his bid for the training centre. Jason's character resigned as headteacher halfway through series 3. Rachel is later seen apologising to Steph when it comes to light that Tasha has been deliberately not eating to make herself thin. Rachel Fleet (née Mason, born Amanda Fenshaw) was Waterloo Road’s third on-screen headteacher after Messrs Vaisey and Rimmer, and the first female head. While Emily is standing by her Dad's grave Lindsay goes over to stand with Rachel next to her car, Rachel tries to talk to Lindsey and asks her if her Dad abused her to. This ends in Lindsey being arrested, however in the following episode, she got let out on bail, and we see Rachel comforting Lindsey's mother Marion, offering her support. The set includes special features, Miss Haydock Reveals All, and Mika's Video Diary. • Jack Rimmer (Jason Merrells, series 1−3) is the Headteacher of Waterloo Road, who first assumes the position in an acting capacity after his predecessor's public breakdown. Eva Pope was missed by many of the cast. ... Rimmer was also good but it was really a different kind of show then, so I usually exclude it. Rachel gained full control of the school again. She later returned in Series 3. At the end of the episode a nervous Rachel is sat behind her desk. Further talks with Eddie showed her commitment to the Kellys and the school as a whole, as she began to help Bolton and Paul confess. Can you name the ALL the Characters Waterloo Road? He teaches English and joined the school as deputy headmaster, after leaving his old job as Head of English at a local grammar school. His efforts to turn the school around face various challenges, and his confrontational style causes consternation. Rachel feels that she had no option but to resign from the school as she feels Maxine would still be alive if she had taken the opportunity to expel Earl. From 2010 until 2014 he played business man Declan Macey in Emmerdale. ... As a new term begins, returning headteacher Karen Fisher has plenty to contend with when the new site manager ... faces a baptism of fire at Waterloo Road. Rachel is the longest serving Headteacher, appearing in 54 episodes. Set in a failing comprehensive school, Waterloo Road kicks off its series with a brilliant cast and poignant, tense, relatable and exciting storylines which make you laugh and cry. Michael and Sian face opposition to the newly built school opening from local headteacher … Karen Fisher's era was ok, but I didn't rate her character. Waterloo Road - Series 7: Episode 1. He is well educated and believes everyone should go to university. Later when she confronts him about it Adam thinks he has done nothing wrong, but it's only when Danielle Harker and Aleesha Dillon moan to him about how boring Rachel is, that he realises he has overstepped the mark. Series 3: Episode 7. As well as starring in Waterloo Road, Jason has played parts in Casualty and The Bill. While the class is away Rachel takes Ruby Fry's class. Philby has no choice but to back Hordley as Rachel has threatened to resign if Hordley is not chosen. The following is a list of characters who first appear in the third series of the BBC school drama Waterloo Road, in order of first appearance. During episode 20, Rachel was the first person to be concerned about Finn Sharkey and Amy Porter's strange behaviour after the couple had drawn peculiar pictures on their test papers in Grantly Budgen's lesson, their belongings including their mobile phones, school ties, school books and pens found in a bin by Karla Bentham and they had disappeared from the school site. But the idiotic decision to move to Greenock finished it off. Eddie now works underneath and has a relationship with Rachel Mason, the school's headteacher. Rachel returns to the classroom. Prom! Rachel then bumps into Stuart and a fight ensures and Rachel kicks Stuart in the crotch and he falls down the stairs. BBC Waterloo Road Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Once he has told the driver the destination, he shares a very passionate kiss with her. Meanwhile Rachel decides to talk to Sameen herself. She turned Waterloo Road around completely because of her ethos. When the school relocated to Greenock, he remained in charge of the school. However, Rachel obviously dumps her scruples because she and Chris are then spotted leaving the pub in the back of a taxi. Series 3: Episode 7. Whilst at the dance Rachel shows her commitment to new husband Adam Fleet and says that she will quit her role as headteacher as she doesn't want it to come between them. Lindsey confesses to Rachel that it was she who murdered her father, and Rachel persuades her to tell the court. Many of the teachers feel that their job is pointless, and the pupils couldn't care less about their education. Eddie said that he couldn't work with her because of this and Rachel agreed. Headteacher of Waterloo Road Comprehensive, Jack Rimmer, hires Oxbridge graduate Andrew Treneman, hoping he can improve the school's failing status and bring them back from the bottom of the league tables. Rachel came to the scene of the murder (Steph Haydock's house) and saw Maxine's body being carried away in a body bag whilst Miss Haydock was distraught, devastated and grieving other Maxine's death. She also said that it took two years for her to get out of the habit "The only route out was to get myself an education and that is why I'm here." https://bbc-waterloo-road.fandom.com/wiki/Headteachers?oldid=16863. Max Tyler [Executive Head] [Series 5 Episode 1 - Series 5 Episode 10]. Later Eddie hands Rachel his resignation. Rachel returned to Waterloo Road and faced a lot more to deal with because of the arrival of the Kelly 'Family From Hell'. Rachel: "He got Kerplunk in the car. It shows them share a tender kiss interrupted by an pop song and then the term is out ready for new adventures. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is promoted to the position, much to his dismay. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is promoted to the position, much to his dismay. She also had to convince deputy head Eddie Lawson to stay at Waterloo Road, which he does. I remember being in school and everyone would talk about the episodes the next day. Property developer Stuart Hordley and his secretary Tess Doyle, show up and Stuart starts to reveal her dark past with a document showing that she changed her name from Amanda Fenshaw to Rachel Mason and used to live in Hertfordshire and blackmailed her into getting his bid for the new training school re-instated, which she did. Eddie thinks that Rachel was in on the plan to get Hordley the training centre, he is also concerned that Rachel has slept with Hordley. Rachel is initially reluctant, but Adams enthusiasm convinces her. ", "Teaching is like riding a bike, once you know how, you never forget. Rachel is the longest serving Headteacher, appearing in 54 episodes. This prompts Rachel to attack Adam believing that he has behaved irresponsibly, and they have a furious bust-up. He looks in the top drawer of Rachel's desk. She then finds out that one of her pupils has been abducted by their father and follows them to a caravan, putting her in a life-threatening situation when the father of the pupil begins to fill the caravan with gas and traps them inside it. She goes to check on him but her day goes from bad to worse. Eva Pope as Rachel Mason . He teaches English and joined the school as deputy headmaster, after leaving his old job as Head of English at a local grammar school. He's also a writer and director and often takes on theatre roles. It becomes increasingly obvious that she is upset about their relationship - particularly when they get engaged. Josh Stevenson get sanitiser sprayed in his face, Lauren and Sambuca let the pigs out and smuggle one back to school plus Amy, Siobhan, Finn, Josh and Craig were drinking alcohol. Many of the teachers feel that their job is pointless, and the pupils couldn't care less about their education. Series 7.2 - Michael left for dead! Waterloo Road vs. Jed Seddon! In the pub later that evening with all staff members present apart from Kim Campbell, Max shows up and begins an argument with Chris, referring to Rachel's past life working as a prostitute. Waterloo Road - Complete Series 1 - 3-DVD Box Set ( Waterloo Road - Complete Series One ) Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton, 1993 Standing opposite the Wolves football ground in Waterloo Road, most of these dwellings have since been demolished, indeed some of them would have been empty when this picture was taken on 13th June 1993. She is also under pressure from Stuart Hordley as the building work has been delayed and can be seen trying to keep calm whilst informing him what is happening with the building work. At the end of the day, Chris and Kim come to find her and it becomes obvious that Chris was really worried about her as he tells her how important she is to the school and how she should never take risks like that again. Created by Ann McManus, Maureen Chadwick. Ralph then confronts Rachel about this and recommends that Marley be expelled. A brand new family arrive at Waterloo Road and immediately shake things up both in and out of the classroom. Rachel and Eddie trying to settle Philip's behaviour as they both feel responsible for him after Melissa's departure. After some brief but major flirtation, the pair share their first kiss. Later in the series he physically abused Rachel's nephew, Philip Ryan, leading to Max being fired. Also, the mentoring scheme has gone badly. Ten episodes from the third season of the BBC drama series set in a failing inner-city comprehensive. Rachel had a different approach in comparison to Jack. The series follows the lives of the faculty and pupils of the Eponymous School, a failing inner-city comprehensive school. The suicide was later prevented by Christopher Mead who found them in time. Rachel is seen stopping a fight between Bolton and another boxer that took place outside of school - Rachel is furious with all the children who attended the fight. Where the Headteacher is not present on site, the Deputy Headteacher deputises for the Headteacher in their absence. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is promoted to the position, much to his dismay. Rachel and Max have a showdown in front of the governors, blaming each other for the failure of the merger. From 2010 until 2014 he played business man Declan Macey in Emmerdale. Meanwhile, colleagues Tom and Lorna tie the knot - but the groom ends up kissing someone who isn't his new wife. A new Headteacher takes charge of Waterloo Road and brings in some changes. BBC Waterloo Road Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Due to a financial misconduct on Jack's part, Jack was suspended by the Schools Governing Body, but decided to fully resign with immediate effect instead. This day they seem very close and in love. Ask questions and download or stream the entire soundtrack … Rachel locks horns with Steph when she becomes annoyed with her constantly pestering Tasha, Steph is annoyed and informs Rachel that Philip is still pursuing Flick Mellor before storming out of Rachel's office. Series 3 - The Fire Series 4 - Waterloo Road demolished by Ralph Mellor Series 5 - Finn & Amy’s Suicide Pact! Rachel then goes to find Philip and questions him about Flick however he denies that he is still pestering her and reveals that it was Flick who wanted to sleep with him on the night of his party. The series premiered on [date]. Jack Rimmer. Also, Rachel agrees to let Philip have a birthday party round at her house feeling that he needs something to cheer him up. It is clear that Rachel is shocked and she goes on to tell Chris that she doesn't think having sex will be a good idea. Eddie said he thought they have seen the last of him, but Rachel was not convinced. Waterloo Road was a British television drama series set in a comprehensive school of the same name, broadcast on BBC One and later also on BBC Three.The school was set in Rochdale, England from series one until the end of series seven, and from the beginning of series eight until the end of the show in series ten, the school was set in Greenock, Scotland. Show more Show less Following a fraught autumn term which brought in new Headteacher, Rachel Mason, the spring heralds exam time at Waterloo Road, and it's not only the pupils being tested. Karen Fisher [Series 6 Episode 1 - Series 7 Episode 10]. It consists of an expanded twenty episodes, divided into two half series of ten episodes each. Eva Pope was missed by many of the cast. Rachel seems worried and tells Philip to call her if anything goes wrong, not to drink any alcohol etc, Rachel and Eddie then leave the house to go on their date - Rachel continues to worry when she sees all the people coming to the party and instructs Bolton to try and keep things in order. A contemporary drama series set in a challenging comprehensive school. Rachel gets a welcome blast from the past in the form of old friend Adam Fleet who assumes Rachel is still known as Amanda Fenshaw. AGE: Late 30s OCCUPATION: Headteacher FAMILY: Unknown ARRIVED AT WATERLOO ROAD: Series 1, Episode 1 DEPARTED WATERLOO ROAD: Series 3, Episode 6 GUEST APPEARANCES IN WATERLOO ROAD: Series 3, Episode 19 PORTRAYED BY: Jason Merrells REASON FOR LEAVING: Jack's novel use of the budget didn't meet with the LEA's approval and he was suspended pending an enquiry. Rachel was shocked to hear this, and carried on supporting Lindsey and her younger sister Emily. He's also a writer and director and often takes on theatre roles. In the next episode Rachel and Adam are seen to be close friends, but when Rachel finds out that Adam has been going to gigs with 6th formers she isn't happy. As well as starring in Waterloo Road, Jason has played parts in Casualty and The Bill. Eddie prevents her from finding the newspaper clippings and then asks her out, to which she says yes. Thomas 'Tom'Clarkson(1974-2013) was one of the most inspirational teachers that a school could have, with a gift in teaching. After Eddie proposes to Melissa and she agrees Rachel decides to hold drinks in the staff room after school. From 2010 until 2014 he played business man Declan Macey in Emmerdale. After a somewhat fiery first confrontation, Rose cools off and goes back to see Rachel who then offers her a job. Goodbye Rachel & Steph! Jack Rimmer [Series 1 Episode 1 - Series 3 Episode 6]. He became the Executive Headteacher of Waterloo Road after the merging with his public school, John Fosters. She was offered £1000 a week when she was a prostitute. He resigned from the school after the school was handed to the local authority. Rachel is the new Headteacher of Waterloo Road as of episode 7. Following the shocking murder of Izzie Redpath, Jack and the new deputy head, Eddie Lawson, are keen to promote their policy on inclusion: no matter the circumstances or abilities, all kids are welcome at Waterloo Road. Later on ,when it is revealed by Flick that Marley is innocent Rachel goes round to the Kellys’ house to apologise to them. Eddie then walked in and they confronted him with everything they had. Deputy Head Jack assumed the role of acting head after Mr. Vaisey's departure, later getting appointed as the headteacher proper. They have another child, Bex Fisher who is introduced later in the series.

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