Enterprise Services revenue increased 5%. The lifecycle for gaming and entertainment consoles averages five to ten years. These amounts are primarily included in Office products and cloud services, Server products and cloud services, and LinkedIn in the table above. Office Commercial revenue increased $2.4 billion or 11%, driven by Office 365 Commercial revenue growth, mainly due to growth in subscribers and average revenue per user, offset in part by lower revenue from products licensed on-premises, reflecting a continued shift to Office 365 Commercial. Our success is highly dependent on our ability to attract and retain qualified employees. We are subject to income tax in many jurisdictions outside the U.S. Our operations in certain jurisdictions remain subject to examination for tax years 1996 to 2018, some of which are currently under audit by local tax authorities. The allocation of the purchase price to goodwill was completed as of June 30, 2019. While the Company has settled a portion of the IRS audits, resolution of the remaining matters could have a material impact on the Company’s financial statements. It is possible that the information we post on social media could be deemed to be material to investors. This segment primarily comprises: Office Commercial is designed to increase personal, team, and organizational productivity through a range of products and services. In fiscal year 2018, our U.S. income before income taxes was $11.5 billion and our foreign income before income taxes was $24.9 billion. We brought hyperscale capabilities to our relational database services for the first time this year, and we offer the most comprehensive cloud analytics — from Azure Data Factory to Azure SQL Data Warehouse to Power BI. It keep redirecting to Window 10. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 RTM für Windows-Dienste Microsoft SQL Server 2017 RTM for Windows Services Microsoft SQL Server 2016 mit Service Pack 1 Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with Service Pack 1 Hinweis: SQL Analysis Services muss auch installiert werden, wenn Sie den Dienst zum Erstellen von Cubes in Project Server 2019 verwenden. Time: 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time Airbus Group SE Annual Report 2016 Supplement – auf deutsch 5.60 MB Annual Report e-accessible The digital version of the Airbus Annual Report conforms to web content accessibility standards, WCAG 2.0, and is certified ISO 14289-1. The acquisition is expected to empower developers to achieve more at every stage of the development lifecycle, accelerate enterprise use of GitHub, and bring Microsoft’s developer tools and services to new audiences. Variations in the actual outcome of these future tax consequences could materially impact our consolidated financial statements. Enterprise Services revenue increased $278 million or 5%, driven by growth in Premier Support Services and Microsoft Consulting Services. We compete to provide enterprise-wide computing solutions and point solutions with numerous commercial software vendors that offer solutions and middleware technology platforms, software applications for connectivity (both Internet and intranet), security, hosting, database, and e-business servers. Because of its inherent limitations, internal control over financial reporting is not intended to provide absolute assurance that a misstatement of our consolidated financial statements would be prevented or detected. China State Administration for Industry and Commerce Investigation. Application of the goodwill impairment test requires judgment, including the identification of reporting units, assignment of assets and liabilities to reporting units, assignment of goodwill to reporting units, and determination of the fair value of each reporting unit. Equity investments were $2.6 billion and $1.9 billion as of June 30, 2019 and 2018, respectively. Chief Accounting Officer. We must continue to evolve and adapt over an extended time in pace with this changing environment. In October 2016, the Court of Appeals issued its decision adopting the standard advocated by the defendants and remanding the cases to the trial court for further proceedings under that standard. Server products and cloud services, including SQL Server, Windows Server, Visual Studio, System Center, and related CALs, GitHub, and Azure. Many customers are committing to our products and services for longer contract terms, which is increasing the percentage of contracted revenue that will be recognized beyond the next 12 months. We review debt investments quarterly for indicators of other-than-temporary impairment. Immigration and Customs Enforcement ties. Office Consumer revenue is mainly affected by the percentage of customers that buy Office with their new devices and the continued shift from Office licensed on-premises to Office 365. The components of the provision for income taxes were as follows: U.S. and foreign components of income before income taxes were as follows: The items accounting for the difference between income taxes computed at the U.S. federal statutory rate and our effective rate were as follows: The decrease from the federal statutory rate in fiscal year 2019 is primarily due to a $2.6 billion net income tax benefit related to intangible property transfers, and earnings taxed at lower rates in foreign jurisdictions resulting from producing and distributing our products and services through our foreign regional operations centers in Ireland, Singapore, and Puerto Rico. It grounds us in the enormous opportunity and responsibility we have to ensure that the technology we create always benefits everyone on the planet, including the planet itself. Goodwill is tested for impairment at the reporting unit level (operating segment or one level below an operating segment) on an annual basis (May 1 for us) and between annual tests if an event occurs or circumstances change that would more likely than not reduce the fair value of a reporting unit below its carrying value. Net losses on derivatives decreased primarily due to lower losses on equity, foreign exchange, and commodity derivatives, offset in part by losses on interest rate derivatives in the current period as compared to gains in the prior period. At its core, Microsoft’s strength lies in our talented people. MD&A is provided as a supplement to, and should be read in conjunction with, our consolidated financial statements and the accompanying Notes to Financial Statements. Chief Executive Officer, Nintendo released its latest generation console in March 2017 and Sony released its latest generation console in November 2013. Office Commercial, including Office 365 subscriptions and Office licensed on-premises, comprising Office, Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Security and Compliance, and Skype for Business, and related Client Access Licenses (“CALs”). Windows, including Windows OEM licensing and other non-volume licensing of the Windows operating system; Windows Commercial, comprising volume licensing of the Windows operating system, Windows cloud services, and other Windows commercial offerings; patent licensing; Windows Internet of Things (“IoT”); and MSN advertising. During the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, we expect to pay $1.2 billion related to the second installment of the transition tax, and $3.5 billion related to the transfer of intangible properties in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019. Total capitalized costs to obtain a contract were immaterial during the periods presented and are included in other current and long-term assets in our consolidated balance sheets. We manage the average maturity of the fixed-income portfolio to achieve economic returns that correlate to certain global fixed-income indices. We believe our cloud’s global scale, coupled with our broad portfolio of identity and security solutions, allows us to effectively solve complex cybersecurity challenges for our customers and differentiates us from the competition. Gross margin increased $2.2 billion or 11%, driven by growth in Windows, Surface, Search, and Gaming. Sales and marketing expenses increased $744 million or 4%, driven by investments in commercial sales capacity, LinkedIn, and GitHub, offset in part by a decrease in marketing. Due to the various benefits from and the nature of our SA program, judgment is required to assess the pattern of delivery, including the exercise pattern of certain benefits across our portfolio of customers. Revenue from search advertising is recognized when the advertisement appears in the search results or when the action necessary to earn the revenue has been completed. Net gains on derivatives includes gains on foreign exchange and interest rate derivatives in the current period as compared to losses in the prior period. Office Consumer revenue increased $382 million or 11%, driven by Office 365 Consumer revenue growth, mainly due to growth in subscribers. This cookie name is associated with the Microsoft Application Insights software, which collects statictical usage and telemetry information for apps built on the Azure cloud platform. fiscal 2020 through 2039, if not utilized. Dilutive potential common shares include outstanding stock options and stock awards. We have lease agreements with lease and non-lease components, which are generally accounted for separately. Capitalized software development costs are amortized over the estimated lives of the products. Corporate and Other includes corporate-level activity not specifically allocated to a segment, including restructuring expenses. We also purchase or license technology that we incorporate into our products and services. The operating lease ROU asset also includes any lease payments made and excludes lease incentives. Cash used in investing decreased $40.7 billion to $6.1 billion for fiscal year 2018, mainly due to a $25.1 billion decrease in cash used for acquisitions of companies, net of cash acquired, and purchases of intangible and other assets, and a $19.1 billion increase in cash from net investment purchases, sales, and maturities. Refer to the Non-GAAP Financial Measures section below for a reconciliation of our financial results reported in accordance with GAAP to non-GAAP financial results. We've been inspired by what AI can do in the hands of changemakers who harness it to address society’s most pressing challenges. In Detroit, Ford Motor Co. is using GitHub as its software development platform to build the cars of the future. Search advertising revenue increased $793 million or 13%. Over the past year, we expanded our work through our operations, investments, partnerships, and advocacy across initiatives spanning both environmental and social responsibility. Debt investments with continuous unrealized losses for less than 12 months and 12 months or greater and their related fair values were as follows: Unrealized losses from fixed-income securities are primarily attributable to changes in interest rates. LinkedIn revenue increased 28%, with record levels of engagement highlighted by LinkedIn sessions growth of 27%. Our cloud business benefits from three economies of scale: datacenters that deploy computational resources at significantly lower cost per unit than smaller ones; datacenters that coordinate and aggregate diverse customer, geographic, and application demand patterns, improving the utilization of computing, storage, and network resources; and multi-tenancy locations that lower application maintenance labor costs. Examples include invoicing at the beginning of a subscription term with revenue recognized ratably over the contract period, and multi-year on-premises licenses that are invoiced annually with revenue recognized upfront. The amortization of these costs is included in cost of revenue over the estimated life of the products. Customers can use Azure through our global network of datacenters for computing, networking, storage, mobile and web application services, AI, IoT, cognitive services, and machine learning. We believe our allowances for income tax contingencies are adequate. I want to know if I already installed Office 365 2019 or if I need to know how to do it? We also fund research and development activities at the operating segment level. Growth of our Gaming business is determined by the overall active user base through Xbox Live enabled content, availability of games, providing exclusive game content that gamers seek, the computational power and reliability of the devices used to access our content and services, and the ability to create new experiences via online services including game streaming, downloadable content, and peripherals. To sign up for this free service, visit the Annual Report site on the Investor Relations website at: http://www.microsoft.com/investor/AnnualReports/default.aspx. We have recast certain prior period amounts related to investments, derivatives, and fair value measurements to conform to the current period presentation based on our adoption of the new accounting standard for financial instruments. In fact, when I was in Sweden this spring, we announced our plans to build some of the most advanced and sustainable datacenters to date, powered from 100 percent renewable energy and with zero-waste operations. Microsoft Excel 2019. We adopted the guidance effective July 1, 2018. Product and Service Development, and Intellectual Property. In general, and where applicable, we use quoted prices in active markets for identical assets or liabilities to determine the fair value of our financial instruments. On the Security tab, click the Trusted Sites icon. We determine the allowance based on known troubled accounts, historical experience, and other currently available evidence. In a world where every company is a digital company, developers will play an increasingly vital role in value creation and growth across every industry, and GitHub is their home. The pattern of delivery (i.e., timing of when revenue is recognized) for each distinct performance obligation. Gross margin included a 5 percentage point improvement in commercial cloud, primarily from Azure. I just want to download the full 1903 patch for Windows server 2019 and can't find it anywhere. Executive Vice President, Chief Advertising costs are expensed as incurred. The components of lease expense were as follows: Supplemental cash flow information related to leases was as follows: Supplemental balance sheet information related to leases was as follows: Maturities of lease liabilities were as follows: As of June 30, 2019, we have additional operating and finance leases, primarily for datacenters, that have not yet commenced of $2.3 billion and $6.1 billion, respectively. Adoption of the standard will be applied using a modified retrospective approach through a cumulative-effect adjustment to retained earnings as of the effective date. Our mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more has never been more important. Determination of stand-alone selling prices for each distinct performance obligation and for products and services that are not sold separately. For derivative instruments designated as fair value hedges, gains and losses are recognized in other income (expense), net with offsetting gains and losses on the hedged items. Changes in the carrying amount of goodwill were as follows: The measurement periods for the valuation of assets acquired and liabilities assumed end as soon as information on the facts and circumstances that existed as of the acquisition dates becomes available, but do not exceed 12 months. We continue to develop complete, intelligent solutions for our customers that empower users to be creative and work together while safeguarding businesses and simplifying IT management. Computing experiences are evolving, no longer bound to one device at a time. We have savings plans in the U.S. that qualify under Section 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code, and a number of savings plans in international locations. Microsoft filed an opposition in January 2018, attaching an expert report showing no statistically significant disparity in pay and promotions between similarly situated men and women. We know it’s only a start, but we are encouraged by what’s been achieved, including partnering with the government of France to mobilize more than 60 countries, 350 companies, and 130 international and nongovernmental organizations to join The Paris Peace Call for Trust and Security in Cyberspace. The credit risk and average maturity of our fixed-income portfolio are managed to achieve economic returns that correlate to certain fixed-income indices. Skype for Business and Skype also compete with a variety of instant messaging, voice, and video communication providers, ranging from start-ups to established enterprises. Microsoft Online Subscription Agreements are designed for small and medium organizations that want to subscribe to, activate, provision, and maintain cloud services seamlessly and directly via the web. Achieving that mission requires us to be thoughtful about the impact of our own business practices and policies and our investments in communities. We recognize an asset for the incremental costs of obtaining a contract with a customer if we expect the benefit of those costs to be longer than one year. Its big, beautiful display is a pleasure to look at, and all of the best features of Windows 10 Mobile are available. Corporate and Other operating loss decreased $306 million, due to a reduction in restructuring expenses, driven by employee severance expenses primarily related to our sales and marketing restructuring plan in fiscal year 2017. Segment revenue and operating income were as follows during the periods presented: Corporate and Other operating loss comprised restructuring expenses. Land is not depreciated. We have more compliance certifications and more datacenter regions than any other cloud provider, and this year, we were the first to open cloud datacenters in the Middle East and in South Africa. Virtual Shareholder Meeting: www.virtualshareholdermeeting.com/MSFT19. Operating expenses increased $806 million or 6%, driven by investments in LinkedIn and cloud engineering, offset in part by a decrease in marketing. Critical accounting policies for us include revenue recognition, impairment of investment securities, goodwill, research and development costs, contingencies, income taxes, and inventories. These forward-looking statements generally are identified by the words “believe,” “project,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “estimate,” “intend,” “strategy,” “future,” “opportunity,” “plan,” “may,” “should,” “will,” “would,” “will be,” “will continue,” “will likely result,” and similar expressions. Each allocation is measured differently based on the specific facts and circumstances of the costs being allocated. Microsoft Windows 11 iso 64 bit Release date: Microsoft can finally boast of having more Windows 11 users than Windows 7, nearly three and a half years after launch.According to Net Market Share’s monthly report, the latest OS from the Redmond firm is the most popular operating system for users. We have several partnerships with other companies, including Verizon Media Group, through which we provide and monetize search queries. We use a single amount to estimate SSP for items that are not sold separately, including on-premises licenses sold with SA or software updates provided at no additional charge. And we’ve taken new steps over the past year to align our carbon-reduction efforts with the latest climate science by setting a goal to reduce our operational emissions by 75 percent by 2030, which puts us on a path to exceed the ambitions of the Paris Accord two decades ahead of schedule. Internal control over financial reporting includes maintaining records that in reasonable detail accurately and fairly reflect our transactions; providing reasonable assurance that transactions are recorded as necessary for preparation of our consolidated financial statements; providing reasonable assurance that receipts and expenditures of company assets are made in accordance with management authorization; and providing reasonable assurance that unauthorized acquisition, use, or disposition of company assets that could have a material effect on our consolidated financial statements would be prevented or detected on a timely basis. Venerable productivity suite adds solid PDF editing, real-time collaboration and Read Mode in latest version. Productivity and Business Processes revenue increased, driven by Office and LinkedIn. While these programs may differ in various parts of the world, generally they include those discussed below. Microsoft Teams had a breakout year with more than 13 million daily active users and 19 million weekly active users. Search advertising revenue, excluding traffic acquisition costs, increased 13%. And, we are also working with our customers and partners to help them use technology to reduce their own environmental footprints and create their own solutions for a more sustainable planet. We are a public accounting firm registered with the PCAOB and are required to be independent with respect to the Company in accordance with the U.S. federal securities laws and the applicable rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the PCAOB. GitHub is reported as part of our Intelligent Cloud segment. The federal and state net operating loss carryforwards will expire in various years from. The defendants filed an interlocutory appeal to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals challenging the standard for evaluating expert scientific evidence. Google provides a hosted messaging and productivity suite. Unsere Welt befindet sich im Umbruch. Our search business competes with Google and a wide array of websites, social platforms like Facebook, and portals that provide content and online offerings to end users. Windows OEM revenue increased 4%. In the past, to hedge our price risk, we also used and designated equity derivatives as hedging instruments, including puts, calls, swaps, and forwards. The SAMR has presented its preliminary views as to certain possible violations of China’s Anti-Monopoly Law, and discussions are expected to continue. The estimated useful lives of our property and equipment are generally as follows: computer software developed or acquired for internal use, three to seven years; computer equipment, two to three years; buildings and improvements, five to 15 years; leasehold improvements, three to 20 years; and furniture and equipment, one to 10 years. Meetings are more inclusive in Microsoft Teams, presentations more accessible in PowerPoint, videos more searchable in Stream, and emails more relevant in Outlook. We generally fund research at the corporate level to ensure that we are looking beyond immediate product considerations to opportunities further in the future. Microsoft Corporation, Satya Nadella Apple distributes versions of its pre-installed application software, such as email and calendar products, through its PCs, tablets, and phones. Bosch-Geschäftsbericht 2019. It will put gamers at the center of their gaming experience, enabling them to play games in high-fidelity wherever and whenever they want, on any device. Property and equipment is stated at cost less accumulated depreciation, and depreciated using the straight-line method over the shorter of the estimated useful life of the asset or the lease term. And the Open Data Initiative we launched with Adobe and SAP last fall takes this even further, delivering on our vision to enable data to be exchanged and enriched across systems to provide unparalleled business insight. The decrease in our effective tax rate for fiscal year 2019 compared to fiscal year 2018 was primarily due to the net charge related to the enactment of the TCJA in the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, and a $2.6 billion net income tax benefit in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2019 related to intangible property transfers. Windows OEM Pro revenue grew 10%, ahead of the commercial PC market, driven by healthy Windows 10 demand. If the cost of an investment exceeds its fair value, we evaluate, among other factors, general market conditions, credit quality of debt instrument issuers, and the duration and extent to which the fair value is less than cost. Nearly all computer manufacturers offer server hardware for the Linux operating system and many contribute to Linux operating system development. These controls include model validation, review of key model inputs, analysis of period-over-period fluctuations, and independent recalculation of prices where appropriate. CALs provide certain Office Commercial products and services with access rights to our server products and CAL revenue is reported with the associated Office products and services. The resolution of each of these audits is not expected to be material to our consolidated financial statements. Principal currencies hedged include the euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, and Australian dollar. Our international operations provide a significant portion of our total revenue and expenses. Cost includes materials, labor, and manufacturing overhead related to the purchase and production of inventories. The hierarchy below lists three levels of fair value based on the extent to which inputs used in measuring fair value are observable in the market. Certain volume licensing programs, including Enterprise Agreements, include on-premises licenses combined with Software Assurance (“SA”). In February 2012, the IRS withdrew its 2011 Revenue Agents Report related to unresolved issues for tax years 2004 to 2006 and reopened the audit phase of the examination. Our reportable segments are described below. Net recognized gains on investments decreased primarily due to lower gains on sales of equity investments. Patent licensing includes our programs to license patents we own for use across a broad array of technology areas, including mobile devices and cloud offerings. I am sure they are based of the same OS, but there should be a way to download it manually or force a server to use it. Any change in the goodwill amounts resulting from foreign currency translations and purchase accounting adjustments are presented as “Other” in the table above. Before releasing new software platforms, and as we make significant modifications to existing platforms, we provide application vendors with a range of resources and guidelines for development, training, and testing. As of June 30, 2019, $11.4 billion remained of the 2016 Share Repurchase Program. Customers may purchase perpetual licenses or subscribe to licenses, which provide customers with the same functionality and differ mainly in the duration over which the customer benefits from the software. GitHub is reported as part of our Intelligent Cloud segment. And, in nearly every country, leading companies — from. Fiscal 2019 was a record-breaking year for our company. We perform a qualitative assessment on a quarterly basis and recognize an impairment if there are sufficient indicators that the fair value of the investment is less than carrying value. Diversity and inclusion continue to be a core priority for every employee and leader at Microsoft as part of our annual performance and development approach. Our fixed-income portfolio is diversified and consists primarily of investment-grade securities. Nine of these cases were filed in 2002 and are consolidated for certain pre-trial proceedings; the remaining cases are stayed. While our main research and development facilities are located in Redmond, Washington, we also operate research and development facilities in other parts of the U.S. and around the world, including Canada, China, Czech Republic, India, Ireland, Israel, and the United Kingdom. Pricing changes and promotions, pricing variation that occurs when the mix of devices manufactured shifts from local and regional system builders to large multinational OEMs, and different pricing of Windows versions licensed. Gross margin percentage increased slightly, due to gross margin percentage improvement across each of our segments and favorable segment sales mix. It is a privilege to lead Microsoft employees around the world who work every day to earn our customers’ trust and help them succeed. In 2019, we led our peer group on several key metrics as we: 15.2% delivered Total Stockholder Returns (TSR) in 2019 and 8.5% over the past decade — both leading the peer group $27 billion generated more than in cash flow from operations and returned $13 billion to shareholders 1 6.2% increased our dividend payout During the periods presented, we reported our financial performance based on the following segments: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing. Marketing Solutions enables companies to advertise to LinkedIn’s member base. Financial Officer, Gap, Inc. Penny S. Pritzker 4 Our new breakthrough game streaming technology, Project xCloud, will enter public trials this fall. As a result, changes in foreign exchange rates may significantly affect revenue and expenses. Changes in fair value, excluding other-than-temporary impairments, are recorded in OCI. We don't have any change log information yet for version 2019-16.0 of Microsoft Visual Basic. A company’s internal control over financial reporting includes those policies and procedures that (1) pertain to the maintenance of records that, in reasonable detail, accurately and fairly reflect the transactions and dispositions of the assets of the company; (2) provide reasonable assurance that transactions are recorded as necessary to permit preparation of financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, and that receipts and expenditures of the company are being made only in accordance with authorizations of management and directors of the company; and (3) provide reasonable assurance regarding prevention or timely detection of unauthorized acquisition, use, or disposition of the company’s assets that could have a material effect on the financial statements.

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