Penelope is the perfect Lady Whistledown. So I think I would've found it disappointing had it just been "Penelope looks this way, so let's do a certain thing." So why did the creators choose the very first season to reveal such an important mystery? Were you expecting the reveal from reading the books beforehand, or did you think there was going to be a … But she feels tremendously guilty. What Is Kong’s Axe Made Of In Godzilla Vs Kong? Well, they did call us the Regency Kardashians. Not so much a secret, like I didn't have to, but sometimes people would say, "I wonder who Whistledown is?" It's funny because we didn't get all the scripts at once, so I was reading it going, "I can see where this is going, but Penelope is not going to do that. Offers may be subject to change without notice. They're all works of art." You meet her and you instantly want to hang out with her. She … I was so shocked. We suddenly realize how smoothly Pen had fooled her best friend Eloise and also us, the viewers. That brings us to the next question, which can only be answered in the next season. Penelope’s first appearance in Lady Whistledown’s Society Papers went as follows: Miss Penelope Featherington’s unfortunate gown left the unfortunate girl looking like nothing more than an overripe citrus fruit. Though she plays a pivotal role in “Bridgerton,” it’s not until the final moments of the Season 1 finale that viewers find out the identity of Lady Whistledown — but boy, is it worth the wait. While Bridgerton honored Julia Quinn’s novels by keeping Penelope Featherington as Lady Whistledown, they jumped the gun on revealing her identity. Eloise … As in the series, Colin’s love life remains the center of many of Lady Whistledown’s society papers in the first three books. And Claudia said, "She's a child. I talked to Claudia Jessie about it, who plays Eloise, and I said, "How has she done this? By Alex Lin Published Jan 11, 2021 Penelope Featherington is revealed as Lady Whistledown in the Bridgerton season 1 finale, which is a twist that adds yet more heartbreak to her story. "One … The Netflix show unravels its biggest mystery rather nonchalantly. Bridgerton book … They go, "Penelope?!" So if we do get a season 2, what do you think or hope might come there? Entertainment Weekly may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. What do you think? How will the big reveal play out in Bridgerton’s next season? Who Is Shown At The End Of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Ep.3? Real life is not Disney, where there's the goodies and the baddies. For the most part, the show portrays Penelope, aka Pen, as a romantic soul obsessed with her neighbor Colin Bridgerton and best friends with his baby sister, Eloise. If Penelope was Lady Whisteldown, why did she write such awful things about her own family and humiliate them? Bridgerton's Nicola Coughlan has dropped a major Bridgerton bombshell. The Netflix series deviates from the novels in many ways but keeps the Lady Whistledown … I think there's always a point when you are desperately in love with someone who doesn't know, that you go, "I'm over it. They could have changed that. But what I really liked about the adaptation was that it wasn't the main feature of her as a character, she was a fully rounded young woman. While Netflix's Bridgerton stays true to the original book series in regards to the real identity of Lady Whistledown, the big reveal actually came a lot later in the books. Therefore, Lady Whistledown had to be someone who was actually in attendance at those events. Speaking of Colin, that decision comes out of just not being able to bear him being tricked into this marriage. We'd met super-briefly prior to Bridgerton, about a year before at a party, and she just lights up any room she's in. This one is carefully orchestrated so you might miss it. XD. And there's such a power imbalance with her and Colin. Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. I actually found myself buying yellow clothes. The opening scene takes place at a ball hosted by Lady Worth, the mother of Arabella Blydon, heroine of Dancing At Midnight. Claudia is one of the kindest, nicest people you could ever come across. On the Netflix show, as in the books, Penelope Featherington is responsible for writing the disruptive gossip papers of London’s Regency society. This came as a huge shock for a few reasons: One, she’s so young to be putting together such an ornate operation. But while there are at least a dozen others in the room when Daphne has her baby, Penelope is revealed to just the viewer. Every RuPaul's Drag Race season 13 runway look, ranked, Spread the love with EW's Valentine's Day gift guide, The Masked Dancer revealed: Every unmasked celebrity on season 1. Penelope can't endlessly shove everything down and keep the secret; it will at some point come out. In the books, Benedict likes to draw and is talented at it, but the series … The show drops the bomb at the end of the Season 1 finale, and even then, only the viewers are told, not the Ton. A secret well kept. She's really good at compartmentalizing, but she just internalizes all of these things that happened, and they're going to come out eventually. So it was the perfect choice, and really informed a lot of what I did. That's what they called us on set. But she's just desperately in love with Colin [Luke Newton], and sees him being tricked, and she feels out of control, but then she has the most control of anybody, and she utilizes that. Who's Eloise?" The Netflix series deviates from the novels in many ways but keeps the Lady Whistledown arc the same. Who's Portia Featherington going to be? In the Julia Quinn novel series, the London resident responsible for Lady Whistledown’s society papers was also Penelope Featherington. In case you were wondering, Pen also turns out to be Lady Whistledown in Julia Quinn's book series. Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and her mother Lady Violet Bridgerton (Ruth Gemmell) read Lady Whistledown's society papers Though it took Quinn four novels to … She's so innocent, she's so protected, and she hasn't fully realized the extent of the power that she's garnered by being Whistledown." “And we knew breaking the first season that there would be … It really eats away at her, because deep down she is a really good, kind soul. Enter: Penelope, played by Derry Girls' Nicola Coughlan. I'm totally over it." Colin's a lovely person, but he's a god to her, and she's just totally besotted by him, so I'd like to see her come up a few rungs. Is he really that blind? On the surface, Eloise seems far more enamored with the boldness and freedom of Whistledown than Penelope does. And then you wear bright yellow, with the most hair, with the hair clips, and the tiara, and the necklace and everything. Narrated by Julie Andrews, Lady Whistledown’s words would never let us believe that the woman behind them could be someone younger or not even a woman at all. "I know, right? Cine Dope is the ultimate destination for everything on TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime & More. You and Claudia have such amazing chemistry as friends. But they didn't even know at that point if they were going to reveal it, or if they were going to do a red herring or whatever. The new home of cinematic news, views and reviews. Her Exit After Colin Says He's Leaving. Also, it was really fun when people didn't know, and they wanted to know. There's many reasons why Penelope loves Eloise, but that's a big one, that Eloise is so able to express herself, and have these wants and desires, and she's funny, and she's so free in a way that Penelope could never be. I'm just excited at the prospect of Eloise and Penelope being at the balls together, both in fiction and in real life, because I'll be able to hang out with Claudia during the long ball scenes. After all, the show was not renewed for a second season and is still isn’t. As the unassuming best friend to Eloise and an unseen daughter to the Featheringtons, Penelope remains a fly on the wall for most of Season 1. As Whistledown, Penelope is an unreliable narrator, not only because she’s hiding behind a pseudonym but also because she’s not transparent about the … But more than just knowing the content of Lady Whistledown's missives, Penelope has the skill and talent necessary to write and print these pamphlets. While Netflix's Bridgerton stays true to the original book series in regards to the real identity of Lady Whistledown, the big reveal actually came a lot later in the books. To discover that Penelope had been fooling all along could go either way. And when Lady Whistledown wanted to write about Penelope Featherington, she did. She's too sweet and she's too kindhearted, and it would be too bad, because it would not only destroy Marina's life and her prospects and her children's life, it would destroy her sister's prospects for marriage, her prospects for marriage." Netflix’s Bridgerton had us in two minds about the true identity of the Ton’s secret gossip girl, Lady Whistledown. I don't think that she would be, but I'd quite like to see how that works. Ironic, isn’t it? NICOLA COUGHLAN: When I auditioned for the show, I didn't have any full scripts, [and] I hadn't read the books. With Eloise, I'd be interested to see whether that obsession fades, because I feel like Eloise could be a really phase-y person — that this is her thing that she's really into at the time, and then she's over it and it's onto the next thing. The blow is hard but delivered quite softly. has been heralded for its inclusive casting, 15 historical romance series Hollywood should adapt after. Filming for Bridgerton Season 2 Might be Delayed, Cine Dope Ownership, Funding, and Advertising Policy,, Bridgerton: Why Penelope Became Lady Whistledown ( So then I started to dive into the Bridgerton books, and I went to book 4, which is the book that's primarily about Penelope. What will happen to Lady Whistledown in the future? Is Penelope going to keep carrying that torch? Of course, Penelope’s reveal as Lady Whistledown makes sense in terms of Bridgerton‘s story.Season 1 saw Penelope as one of the many women in London high society trying to … Did knowing that influence your performance? Also because she's been bullied essentially her whole life, she tried to find an outlet. He said, "Yeah, you are." But while the books played her cards close to chest until the fourth novel, the series revealed them by the end of Season 1. It hugely informed how I played the part. The one person who stands to be most affected by Penelope’s little secret is her best friend, Eloise. But then it's such an interesting dynamic, in that Penelope is doing a lot of the things that Eloise wants to do, like she has financial independence, she's admired, she's a great writer. Her sharp … Who dislikes the color yellow more, you or Penelope? The final moments of Bridgerton Season one reveal all - not only do we get a glimpse of Lady Whistledown’s identity, but we also get to see her whole face as she seals off the final newsletter of the season. But for me to know that was really important, because it changes everything about her. Does Godzilla vs. Kong Set Up Godzilla 3? Maybe the future seasons will tell. By doing so, Penelope endangered not only her future but also those of her sisters. Lady Whistledown is none other than Eloise’s best friend, Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan). She is really sweet, but then she's super-conniving, and she obviously has learned to keep secrets. But then I didn't know, because it's an adaptation, so that's not guaranteed. Do you think there were times where she was tempted to tell her?

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