Which is extra silly because it’s a PS4 title too. It’s sad that you don’t care about your legacy though. Once on PS4 and again on PS5. That’s the right ethical thing to do…so in other words Sony won’t do it ha. As for the PS Now April lineup they rarely ever announce it before the month begins. Why is them offering Days Gone to the millions of PS4 owners a bad thing? Another great month of ps+. Awesome month ever!! By calling it “Clunk” I assume u are criticizing the game? The copy practically writes itself. Imagine the Horde on the more powerful system. Much as I appreciate the comments reminding us all that not everyone has a PS5, and hence access to Days Gone via the plus collection…what about the millions that do? Go check out the past two Games with Gold month and talk to me.. Oddworld is on PS4 too. and looks like it was designed so 5 years olds can use it with their fists. Slash every game, every piece of DLC, every theme and avatar. Sony has a golden opportunity to celebrate these platforms with the sale to end all sales – literally. 30+ million PS Plus members don’t have a PS5 to access the PS Plus Collection. None of their social media people could apparently talk about it. I think it’s bad, because these people will most likely buy a ps5 and find this game in the plus collection. The UI on PS5 is horrid (no themes because they want to advertise content but why no folders) and lousy external storage support. My guess, 83. really could’ve done better than adding a PS+ collection game to the lineup, but Soulstorm seems fun at least. The stakes are high whatever adventure you choose to play first. This is really bad for those with a PlayStation 5. @villdoc Xbox Gold is a joke with nothing but mediocre games every month. Another glitch in Florida’s unemployment system is keeping people from their benefits. Ads that sometimes that popped up on home screen could be deleted. Aww wittle baby is mad he doesnt get the free upgrade for his free game. FFVII alone obliterates all of that trash. It’ll be excellent. I guess by the time I have PS5, I will have a bunch of PS5 games from PS Plus to play. Vikings is perhaps the best thing and it’s a top down indie with a 60s Metacritic from 2017. About Community. Presumably, we’ll be getting Horizon Zero Dawn free next month after it’s been given away to everybody as part of Play at Home… You took the best storefront experience in gaming and turned it into the absolute worst. I don’t know what your game is hounding every critical comment here. Seriously hope that this isn’t a new trend…. I have all consoles. You can’t even turn it off if, say, you’re watching Disney+. 😂. Not gonna happen. I have yet to see the PS Now games for the month of April. It’s a stupid glitch that nobody cares enough to fix, unfortunately. Looks like we have a winner and its not PS. That deserves ZERO criticism. This is about PS+ and Sony just gave NINE free games on top of FFVII, Remnant, Destruction All-Stars (2nd month), and Farpoint. The ‘Goliath Glitch’ was the most commonly-known in-game Horizon 4 glitch, which saw gamers use a loophole to achieve millions of CR and influence in a matter of seconds. This is similar (though less interesting) from the time where we got 2 PS4, 2 PS3 and 2 Vita games every month. Everyone has their own opinion, so mine is “mixed bag this month”. Do the right thing and replace it with something else, like maybe the ps5 update that should have been free with final fantasy 7remake or a game that you aren’t already double dipping on. I agree. Or decide on a total rollback from your legacy PS consoles strategy since 2019 (yeah, allow me dream at least)? Would have been nice to have this side of the bank holiday as the weather is rubbish and have 4 days off! I got Days Gone for “free” 3 times. Watch trailers & learn more. Perhaps time heals all wounds, as there was once a consensus among the gaming community that Days Gone was a glitch-filled experience that was … Ffs Sony just gave nine free games and Final Fantasy VII, Remnant, and two brand new next gen games including Destruction All-Stars as well as free VR games. And where do you think the right place is? But it is a really good month, and all games are really awesome + horizon for play at home Here’s why you need a term insurance. Age restrictions apply. Website © 2021 Sony Interactive Entertainment. Just tried to shop again on your store. They won’t fix any shortcomings with PS5. This was the main setting for the battle royale during its early days, and now the devs have brought brand new map changes.to Kings Canyon. Nowadays Microsoft’s offerings are a joke as Mercenary confirms. Soulstorm is a brand new next gen game and legendary IP. Psnos is a sub service so you paid for that, ps+ collection is only for ps5 owners, so this is the first time millions lof non ps5 owning players will get it “free”. I played it on my PS5 and after completing it, I deleted the game. I usually support you even around the haters – but there’s no justification for this. My bad forgot that it was only a PS5 feature, I don’t know, maybe for the ps4 as it doesn’t have this ps plus collection feature, Thank u sony! Is now a PS Plus game. Guess ill be playing my switch for another month then 🤣🤣, The more and more I see the complete lack of PS5 games coming out, the more and more a Switch seems tempting…, I just bought zombie army 4 and I’ve already have Days Gone. So either u purposely left it out to make the lineup look bad or u don’t have a PS5, in which case, why are u complaining about Days Gone being in the PS+ Collection? Pretty awesome month considering we just received nine free games as well. All rights reserved. ZArmy 4 is brilliant.. 👌. It isn’t available anywhere except online for outrageous prices. Please tell us more about how the world should cater to only your wants and needs….. Mercenary 09 😿😿 All you have to do is claim it so If and when you get a pS5 it will be waiting for you along with all the games in the PS Collection that you already have via PS Plus etc…. You sound spoiled. I agree as well. I hope that at least it pays to have paid PS NOW, because if it is to offer other games from the PS collection it is easier to cancel the service. Not too bothered about the other 2 titles, but Days Gone might be nice for PS+ subscribers who don’t have PSNow or a PS5 yet :-), Lucky enough to own a PS5 and was a little disappointed to see Days Gone given I already have it through PS+C, So I cheered myself up by having a look at what Xbox owners got with Games with Gold this month :-D. Days Gona hahahaha wow that’s bad! The play at home games are better! I wouldn’t get my hopes up for PS5. It’s one of the best three dimensional action platformers ever made and is receiving a 60fps patch. Last summer publishers still wanted to release games on Vita/PSTV, but Sony said no. I guess they want to slow down PS5 demand…. Days Gone is actually surprising good it gets better and better the further you get into the game! Writer, ZA/UM, Hasan Kahraman Yet again PS+ continues to dominate the weak Games with Gold. Content Communications Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Chris Priestman That is bottom of the barrel with small, no name duds, terrible 360 games from 2007, and literally free to play content. Just need to buy the DLC if you want it when it comes out on June 10. 100+ ‘Glitch In The Matrix’ Stories That Will Make You Believe In The Supernatural ... time. It’s hardly a “next gen” game… 🙄, The PS+ Collection is becoming less and less value for long time PS+ members. The Department of Economic Opportunity’s website is accidentally flagging thousands of accounts with holds. It’s too bad Sony can’t make people happy every month deal with it. This is a great month. For other topics, head to our Forums. Sony also just gave nine free games for play at home and every month on PS+ of late has been decent. Gear up and give zombies hell with your squad in Zombie Army 4: Dead War. After trying for days to get a vaccination appointment, Katie Urban snagged one at 10 a.m. on Wednesday — for 11:20 a.m. that same morning. I’ve wanted to play both Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War! That took plenty of thought to negotiate a day one, next gen Lorne Manning game. A blowout sale isn’t a novel idea, there is a reason why every retailer does it whenever there is a similar closure. why? Oh, btw, we got FFVII, Remnant, Destruction All-Stars, Farpoint and new PS5 game Maquette last month. You want the game on a more powerful system.. A big AAA, a newer/name game from Sniper Elite devs, and a new, next gen Oddworld. They did the same with the PS Now games of March (Detroit and inFamous) that were also in the PS Collection. PS+ owners without PSNow or PS5 did not get Days Gone. There is literally no point of buying anything digitally or any multi-system releases on a Sony console. ***Internet connection and PlayStation Plus required for online multiplayer modes. I would love to see a Final PS3/Vita game sale. Filter by flair. Disappointing that Days Gone is here with it already being in the PS+ Collection but I totally get that there are millions and millions of PS+ members who don’t have a PS5 yet. Get a PC or XBox as your primary system if you value game preservation. Talk about Absurd. Such a great game. Such a shame…. Sony wants future customers to experience PS3 through a low-quality stream on PS Now. *Oddworld: Soulstorm not available in South Korea; launch date for South Korea is still under exploration and will be announced at a later date. This is great, but let’s get to the more prescient topic that came out this week – the fact that PS3, PSP, and Vita stores are confirmed as closing in a couple months. r/PlayAtlas is a fan community for Atlas, the giant MMO pirate game from Grapeshot Games! Thanks ? Head of Studio, SuperAlloy Interactive, Jay Ingram They are the largest crows of Freakers in the game. Days Gone contains 37 Hordes. Singer and producer Johnny Burgos follows up his debut EP Love Through It All with his new full-length project Gone Into the Grey.The 15 track body of work sees him finding purpose and embracing the grey areas of life in these crazy times. That’s 2 games in past 2 months. Community Manager, EA/BioWare, Gillen McAllister Ps4 get 2 games and ps5 get 2 games seems fair to me! You get days gone extra edition it’s the same game just on ps5 twice. I too own Days Gone already but I’m not selfish and realize that tens of millions of PS4 owners who have PS+ are just getting their first shot at getting it. Cheap? On PS5 we get Oddworld and Zombie Army. Also who in the world can legitimately say they hate *all* content with zombies in it? Online. Sony can’t even address the issue. Gives all you PS4 owners something to look forward to… wait no it doesn’t. Jim, what’s your counterargument? It also gives you a lot of XP to buy new skills. The MYSTERY over NSE's Feb 24 'tech glitch'. Kudos for Polish PS Support who told me months ago that they turned off the possibility to buy on PS3 PS Store and it’s not a bug or maintenance… Sony, quo vadis? I have been trying to get one since last November. share. I’m gonna take a wild guess that the majority of PS5 owners previously owned a PS4. Your Oddworld comment is moot, because at this moment, they have been giving away a PS5-only title every month since PS5 launch. There have been many games just vanish off my download list over the years due to the license ownership being removed. I really wish PS Plus would stop with all these stupid zombie games. What does PS5 owners previously owning a PS4 have to do with anything. Posted by 4 days ago. Ride into a desperate, dog-eat-dog open world of the Pacific Northwest as drifter and bounty hunter, Deacon St. John. Share this on Facebook (opens in a new window), Share this on Twitter (opens in a new window), Senior Manager of Game Services Content, SIE, Abandoned, a cinematic survival sim, hits PS5 later this year, Curse of the Dead Gods welcomes Dead Cells into its Temple, Street Fighter V Spring Update brings news on the hermit Oro and Soul-Powered Rose, Borderlands 3’s variety-packed Director’s Cut DLC hits April 8, Content Communications Manager, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Senior Specialist, Content Communications, SIE, Players’ Choice: Vote for March’s best new game, What kind of detective to become in Disco Elysium – The Final Cut, PlayStation Now games for April 2021: Marvel’s Avengers, Borderlands 3 and The Long Dark, A Ghost of Tsushima movie is in the works, What Demon’s Souls can teach stunt performers about human movement, Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Rebalancing, tuning, & mechanical improvements, trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners, Modern Slavery Transparency Act Statement. Let’s take a closer look at the choices that await you next month. Only issue I have is the PS Plus collection already has Days Gone in it. I thought no one over the age of 10 cared about “metacritic” scores. Oddworld’s Abe returns in this action adventure platformer set directly after the events of 2014’s Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty. Gold price for ships server setting? @Mercenary09 so you want to penalize us for having the wherewithal to find and purchase a PS5? With Nintendo switch purchases atleast you get the benefit of portability. Created Apr 12, 2017. $5 Bargain Matinee First Show Each Day And meh to Army. Stop being selfish. Well, I’ve been a Plus member for TEN years and I don’t have a PS5. Yet its digital ghost haunted my PS5 for months. Anyway, since Sony is not committed to their legacy consoles, I’m LESS committed to Playstation. Sony is throwing PS 1-3 PSP and Vita in the bin??? Why? Sony literally just gave away 9 free games including Horizon, Enter the Gungeon, Subnautica, Thumper, and a who’s who of the best VR games including Rez and Moss. Good for PS4 owners who have not already purchased it I guess. PS5 update is already free if you owned the original game. They could have made the PS5 backwards compatible with the PS3 and easily Vita because the PS3 cell has been emulated for years now. The only reason people pay for this awful service is because its forced on them the games are always terrible in the sense that you’ll either already own them or theyre already a part of ps now and you get nothing in return for ps plus you get games like these but for a limited time only theres literally not one good thing about ps plus it’s a con it forces users to pay to play and offers nothing in return I’ll be glad when people realise this and stop paying for it until then dont expect anything to change, Justin Massongill If you leave a disc in the drive, PS5 will randomly spin it very loudly when you’re playing another game. Or at least bring back the “purchase” button on PS3 store in Poland (it’s gone for months now on PS3 PS Store) so I’m blocked here from making any final purchases. Why are Days Gone? Not very cool to use says gone as a ps+ game when it is already in the ps+ collection. I recently purchases Days Gone as I’m a hardcore disc guy. It’s for the ps4! I have had PSplus and PS Now since the inception. How long before this happens to PS4? There are tens of millions of PS4 owners who are just now going to have their first shot at getting the game for free. I wish you put more thought into these PS Plus releases. They’ll probably also use these older games to push their game pass competitor(PSNow?) Days Gone is one of my most favorite PS4 games. One of them that’s already on both the PS+ collection and PS now ? 96. A space-time continuum glitch allows Vera to save a boy's life 25 years earlier, but results in the loss of her daughter, whom she fights to get back. All content, game titles, trade names and/or trade dress, trademarks, artwork and associated imagery are trademarks and/or copyright material of their respective owners. Is there a way to turn off or take the price of gold for ships on a private server? No.. i thought i gonna get Sekiro and Nier Automata…. Probably because you only get access to the PS Plus collection is you own a PS5. I pay for this service, so I see no reason to be offered the same game twice. I’d say I’m huge supporter of Sony and the fact they have given me( loosely) Days Gone 3 times now?? Sony and Nintendo are only good enough for exclusives and for any free games that they give away either on their subscription services or otherwise. You’ll get that announcement within the next few days. Whiny tots will complain about anything 😂, Looking forward to Oddworld only, I already have Days Gone. More games more fun for me :))). Very very poor month imo. What more do you want? If you don’t like it don’t come on here. Lead Mudokons to freedom in Oddworld: Soulstorm. It really is dizzying with the amount of spoiled children in here. Senior Specialist, Content Communications, SIE. So be the hero that softens to blow to many gamers looking for one last epic hurrah before the legacy hardware sails off into the distance for good. You bemoan that you’re not getting ONE more new game with PS Plus…. At about 2 AM I went to sleep. @ iamtylerdurden1 – Stop posing for Sony,it’s pathetic…when are you gonna ever criticize them?…this is not the place you say this is exactly the place or any other post they make.The arrogant scum didn’t even had courage to do a Blog post about the Stores shutting down yet they make one when they’re throwing our former exclusive games to the pc beggar race.That says a lot about the trash company Sony has become stop defending them in every single thing they do and learn about criticism cuz that’s what they need at the moment. Nice that we’re getting a PS5 game but the PS+ collection is looking like less of an extra with every passing month…, Yuss! Pretty disappointing month especially considering one of them is in the PS+ collection. But I’m looking forward to oddworld. Thanks, What a great month. Zombie Army 4 is a 2020 game and currently $50 on PSN. The Sale to End All Sales. I can have a go at it and see how far I can get. Days Gones is just a LAZY pick on Sonys part. Jim Ryan: “Are the games too expensive to do them?, So let’s take Days Gone to PC”. A recent PS Now game, a current PS PLus game…. I suppose at least they finally added the wishlist back to the webstore. They are never going to do that unfortunately. 3405 Central Avenue NE Albuquerque, NM 87106 - (505) 255-1848 $8 General Admission $5 Seniors 60+ / Kids 12 & Under / Students With Valid I.D. While I’m happy about Oddworld – including Days Gone after just a few months after it was released with the plus collection is an extremely weak move Sony. What are you doing Sony? I had to buy the expensive vita memory and downloaded most of the games I’ve purchased on the vita same go with my ps3 games. Two zombie games in a month! Crossbuy games not carrying over is akin to taking away purchases. Right? And Zombie 4.. that’s dirt cheap in sales all the time. If you don’t have a ps5 then you don’t have access to the ps+collection. If you like zombies. So a long way to go before it’s back to how it was this time last year. And this is a good lineup. Because reviewers are so great and trustworthy, right? If a regular PS+ game overlaps then so be it, u didn’t lose anything. Going to guess FFVII broke the bank. This is the cheapest move you have ever done. They could very well offer a game that appeals to all users, this month was a month for me to forget. This makes hordes the […] I tought days gone would be next play at home game, beside it’s already for ps collection We could have all gotten 3 games is the point. more Lazy IMO oh but maybe I’m just selfish. Another great month of PS Plus games with Oddworld, Days Gone and Zombie Army 4. Ride into a desperate, dog-eat-dog open world of the Pacific Northwest as drifter and bounty hunter, Deacon St. John. Two zombie games? People have a right to express their feelings. wish days gone would be for play at home too, Wow these are really good games I’ve heard good things about days gone.

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