He transferred over from the Los Angeles Crime Lab as revealed in Recipe for Murder. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Hodges has to come with, of course. The CSI: Trilogy is a three-part crossover of the American police procedural television franchise CSI that aired on CBS in November 2009. Grissom found Hodges in his office inspecting one of the miniatures and, after Hodges explained his conclusions, praised Hodges for his work. Morgan Brody ist eine der wenigen Menschen, die sich auf eine Freundschaft mit dem etwas kauzigen David Hodges berufen kann. David Hodges is a lab technician working out of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. He is ultimately cleared when it's discovered that Catherine caused the explosion. In Pool Shark, Wendy leaves, not telling him until last minute, leaving him hurt and upset to the point where he hits and starts to drown Henry when he tells him what he did wrong and later mopes around CSI. In return, the suspect headbutts him in the face, causing his nose to bleed, and causing Wendy to chide him. He is an actor, known for CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), My Dinner with Hervé (2018) and Shameless (2011). In the April 9, 2007, edition of TV Guide, Langham described his character as a "pain in the ass" who "kisses up" to his superiors. David Hodges – jedna z fikcyjnych postaci serialu CSI: Kryminalne zagadki Las Vegas, grana przez Wallace’a Langhama.. Jest on jednym z techników laboratoryjnych. Wallace Langham, interpretó a David Hodges, un técnico del laboratorio Criminalístico de las Vegas, que inicio como personaje recurrente en CSI en la tercera temporada. Hodges is also known for having an unusually acute sense of smell, and is able to identify many chemical compounds by their odor alone. He made his first screen appearance in the show's pilot, broadcast on October 6, 2000, and departed the series on February 15, 2015, in "The End Game". Follow. Fictional character on American television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation characters, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=David_Hodges_(CSI)&oldid=1000078779, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation characters, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles using Infobox character with multiple unlabeled fields, Articles that may contain original research from February 2019, All articles that may contain original research, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 January 2021, at 13:23. I've been inspired by a sexy friend (YaoiFanLovers) to start making music videos again, so my first one of the year goes to Hodges and Morgan! David Hodges David Hodges, a trace specialist with a BA from Williams College, was transferred to the team from the Los Angeles crime lab. Zajmuje się analizą chemiczną materiałów dowodowych. However, Hodges's guilt about his feelings for her interfering with his work prevents him from doing anything about it. David Hodges (Wallace Langham, left) is in ‘take it easy’ mode with Elisabetta (Catrinel Menghia Marlon) because she’s a little upset about something. Morgan begins to break down, blaming herself for her father's current state. The two become engaged, but wind up breaking off their engagement after his fiancée insists that once they marry, they'll move back to Italy to work on a relative's vineyard. Much of the team finds him obnoxious and irritating. Image:CSI DavidHodges.jpg is being used on this article. In "One to Go", Hodges becomes especially upset upon hearing of Grissom's departure, telling him, "The bad guys will win more if we don't have you," and asking, "Who was Watson without Sherlock Holmes?" Hodges is apparently an avid fan of the 1970s TV sitcom Three's Company, winning an online auction for a fictional Three's Company board game in the episode "Lab Rats". In later seasons, he becomes more appreciated; in Play Dead, Julie describes him as "an awkward Jimmy Stewart"[1]. David Hodges es un personaje ficticio del drama criminal de CBS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, interpretado por Wallace Langham. (Dog Eat Dog), Hodges recounts to Greg about his experience with hookers, and why they're much worse than women who work in brothels. He often tries to ingratiate himself to Grissom, who occasionally does acknowledge Hodges' expertise. However, Greg Sanders arranges "man dates" in which he meets up with David every week to take his mind off Wendy. When he attempts to calm her down, she suddenly kisses him. In the episode "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp", he tells Grissom he misses working with him on The Miniature Killer cases; Grissom says he misses it, too. David Hodges – jedna z fikcyjnych postaci serialu CSI: Kryminalne zagadki Las Vegas, grana przez Wallace’a Langhama. Morgan says that he is her best friend. He specializes in Trace Evidence. With William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, George Eads. Sanders and Hodges are usually seen as rivals during the earlier seasons, leading to something of a love-hate relationship: the two would often argue, but in Grave Danger they were seen playing a board game together and in Appendicitement, the two, along with Nick, "kidnapped" lab tech Henry Andrews to take him out for his birthday. Wendy kisses him at the end of "Field Mice". (, Failed his driver's license qualification twice and still has nightmares about circling the cones. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Seu funeral acontece na … At the beginning of the eighth season, David Hodges becomes a main cast member. Recent Top. David Hodges es un personaje de ficción, encarnado por el actor Wallace Langham en la serie de televisión de la cadena CBS, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Olivia Hodges is the mother of lab tech David Hodges in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Tags. 第10シーズンよりレギュラー入り。CSIシリーズでは初の検視官2名のレギュラー入体制。父親は空軍の大佐(S2・E17) デヴィッド・ホッジス (David Hodges) 演 - ウォレス・ランガム、日本語吹替 - 咲野俊介 出演 - 第3シーズン第11話〜最終 See full bio » Hodges concluded at the end of the episode that bleach might be a common factor linking all four murder scenes. David Hodges is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by Wallace Langham. At the end of "The Grave Shift", he strides into Grissom's old office—now shared by Nick Stokes, Greg Sanders, and Riley Adams—and places Grissom's infamous fetal pig in a jar on one of the shelves, stating that it "belongs here". I had this two one-shots from my CSI: Las Vegas phase laying around, they're based on some writing prompts I can't find and since they're finished, maybe someone wants to read it … He was devastated when Grissom left the lab, and initially only begrudgingly accepted Raymond Langston as a member of the CSI team, though he became more accepting of him later. (Ending Happy). In past seasons, the character has had an interest in Sara, but she has never given him any reason to believe she shares his feelings. CSI: Vegas (Krimiserie) USA/2011 am 11.04.2021 um 11:45 Uhr im TV-PROGRAMM: alle Infos, alle Sendetermine While Grissom was on a sabbatical during the seventh season, Hodges used an alias to sign up for an online class that Grissom was teaching. His mom hated them though, and one day he came home and the hamsters had "run away". Auch die neuen Staffeln gönnen dem bewährten Spezialisten-Team keine Atempause. Also, at one point during the episode, he sees them filming the DNA lab and says that they should be in his trace lab because DNA is so overrated. Warning for slash. David Hodges je izmišljeni lik laboratorijskog tehničara koji je bio jedan od protagonista američke TV-serije CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. (Dog Eat Dog). [1] Jujubes are his gummy candy of choice. David Hodges est un personnage fictif incarné par l'acteur Wallace Langham dans la série télévisée américaine Les Experts (CSI : Crime Scene Investigation en anglais). He has had a crush on fellow lab technicians, He has the "cyanide gene" meaning he can smell cyanide. In "I Like to Watch", Hodges contacts the reality television crew that is following the CSI crew while they investigate a case so they can video tape when he gives his report to Sara. Hodges tells his fiancée he's a scientist and can never do that. He has a sarcastic and slightly morbid sense of humor during investigations, which he in Wild Flowers says is a defense mechanism. (. Hodges has a habit of giving far more information than anyone wants to hear while explaining things and is very afraid of germs. Fictional character from the CBS crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by George Eads. These interfere with his work, something he blames Wendy for. Hodges has an uncanny sense of smell. Hodges has a habit of giving far more information than anyone wants to hear while explaining things and is very afraid of germs. While insisting she has no interest in any case, Morgan queries this, but all Hodges will say is that his recent trip to Italy (with his mother) was "life-changing". Despite his attitude, Hodges sometimes redeems himself. He was previously married to Karey Richard and Laura Langham. In the seventh season episode "Lab Rats", Hodges persuaded his fellow laboratory technicians to surreptitiously work with him in an attempt to identify The Miniature Killer. while waiting for the results of a test. Directed by Richard J. Lewis. Due to a shortage of CSIs at the beginning of season 9 due to Warrick's death, Hodges has been rotated onto the field at least twice—three times overall, counting an appearance on the field in season 8. Yet Hodges seems to be under the impression that he's held in much higher regard by the senior CSIs than he truly is and doesn't note his own character flaws (He once told co-worker Wendy "no one likes a kiss-ass", truly oblivious to how he acts the same way). In the fifth season finale, "Grave Danger", he saves the entire CSI team when he calls them seconds before they are about to open the container that has trapped Nick Stokes and notifies them that Semtex charges are rigged at the bottom. 2021-03-25 01:45:00 2021-03-25 02:40:00 Europe/Zurich CSI: Den Tätern auf der Spur CSI: Den Tätern auf der Spur In einem Schredderbetrieb wurde eine zerhackte Leiche gefunden. While doing this, he uses as many complicated terms as possible, and Sara asks if he is all right. David Hodges is a fictional character on the popular television drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.He is portrayed by actor Wallace Langham, formerly of Veronica's Closet, The Larry Sanders Show and films such as Little Miss Sunshine.. Hodges, a lab technician with a B.A. In Double Fault, it is revealed to the lab that Hodges is engaged to an Italian woman named Elisabetta, whom he met in Italy when he was there with his mother. In one case, he was asked to verify if a person's stomach contents had traces of cyanide, which has a smell not unlike bitter almonds, but which requires a specific scent-related gene to be able to discern, which Hodges possesses. La MewMew by Makai Goddess Ookami reviews. See a recent post on Tumblr from @stokes-theorem about david hodges. Discover more posts about david hodges. Although credited in the opening titles, he doesn't appear in episodes, Hodges also prefers "Lucky" brand potato chips. 2021-03-25 01:00:00 2021-03-25 01:45:00 Europe/Zurich CSI: Den Tätern auf der Spur CSI: Den Tätern auf der Spur Die Tatortruppe wird mit einem merkwürdigen Fall konfrontiert: An der Leiche des Studenten Brian Lister finden sie Bissspuren von einem Dinosaurier, genauer gesagt von einem Tyrannosaurus Rex! We see continuous flirting between them in every scene that they share. Hodges is extremely dedicated to the lab, believing that he can't be in a relationship because it would undermine his commitment to the lab. In the season 8 episode 'You Kill Me", he labeled "Mindy Bimms", a player piece in his CSI board game, representing Wendy Simms as "clumsy yet buxom" (thus causing Wendy to get upset with him when she read it). No último episódio, Warrick Brown acaba assassinado pelo xerife em virtude de descobertas feitas sobre corrupção na polícia. He suffers from ornithophobia, the fear of birds, as a result of being attacked by a flock of Canadian geese when he visited his uncle in Saskatchewan (, David has great knowledge in fast foods (, He's a fan of dinosaurs, since in the episode. He also assisted Dr. Al Robbins in a case by identifying the presence of cyanide using his sense of smell, proving that he has the necessary genetic makeup to detect cyanide (Iced). He has been married to Melissa Voyagis since May 30, 2015. No Archive Warnings Apply; David Hodges/Greg Sanders; Greg Sanders; David Hodges; Short; Fluff; Comfort; Summary. Follow. (Lab Rats) Hodges deduced that all of the crime scenes have a common factor: bleach. Bekannt dürfte er vor allem für die Darstellung des Labortechnikers David Hodges in CSI… Wallace Langham (* 11.März 1965 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler.Langham war in seiner bisherigen Karriere in etlichen Fernsehserien zu sehen. (Compulsion) Grissom told Hodges that smelling the bleach was the first thing Hodges had ever done that impressed him. Hodges may hate his cat sometimes, but he wouldn’t let harm befall her. (Ending Happy). RTL Hodges is extremely intelligent, but also arrogant. David Hodges (2003-2015) Lauren Lee Smith: Riley Adams (2008-2009) Laurence Fishburne: Dr. Raymond Langston (2008-2011) Elisabeth Harnois: Morgan Brody (2011-2015) Liz … David Hodges David Hodges ist ein ehemaliges Evanescence-Mitglied, dort war er Keyboardspieler. Or at least a woman named Elisabetta played by this former Fiat spokeswoman. 1 Personality 2 Abilities 3 Early Life 4 Season Eight 5 Season Twelve 6 Season Thirteen Hodges is extremely intelligent, but also arrogant. CSI:Crime Scene Investigation season3-11~David Hodges役 Little Miss Sunshine (2006) Kirby役 ※この作品は今回アカデミー賞作品賞にノミネート されていますね!Medium 2episode S1-2 stokes-theorem. Home Community TV Shows CSI All Things David Hodges. David Hodges (Wallace Langham, left) watches the expression on Elisabetta’s (Catrinel Menghia Marlon) face as he tries to explain something. He was once able to detect a "woodsy" scent in a bleach; later it emerged that the bleach was mixed with cedar chips. Hodges may hate his cat sometimes, but he wouldn’t let harm befall her. David Hodges is a fictional character on the CBS crime drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, portrayed by Wallace Langham.

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